In Lugera - The People Republic, we are more than happy to take care of your human capital, as well as your financial instruments, resources optimization and leisure time!

We thank each and every client for trusting us, as we owe them everything we have done so far and especially for being our reason for constantly improving ourselves.

Automotive:  Continental Automotive Systems Slovakia s.r.o., Faurecia Slovakia s.r.o , Hella Slovakia Front Lighting s.r.o., Honeywell Turbo s. r. o., Volkswagen Slovakia a.s.

Banking, Finance & Insurance:  AEGON Životná poisťovňa‚ a.s., Marsh Europe SA, PSA FINANCE SLOVAKIA‚ s.r.o., Swiss Re Business Services (Slovakia) s.r.o., VB LEASING SK‚ spol. s r.o., Zurich Financial Services

Call centers:  Amazon (Slovakia) s.r.o., CCTo‚ s.r.o., Crystal Call‚ a.s.

Energy:  ENVIRAL‚ a.s., Slovenský plynárenský priemysel a.s., Východoslovenská energetika a.s.

Engineering, Installations & Constructions: Air Liquide Welding Central Europe s.r.o., ATLAS COPCO COMPRESSORS SLOVAKIA s.r.o., EMERSON akciová spoločnosť‚ divízia Network Power, EVPÚ a.s., GE Energy Slovakia‚ s.r.o., General Electric International (Slovensko) s.r.o.

FMCG:  AVON Cosmetics‚ spol. s r.o., Beauty Shop s.r.o., MILEX Nové Mesto nad Váhom‚ a.s., STOCK Slovakia s.r.o., SYRÁREŇ BEL SLOVENSKO a.s.

Health & Pharma: Abbott Laboratories Slovakia s.r.o., Biohem spol. s r.o., Cardio-Cora s.r.o., CORD BLOOD CENTER‚ s.r.o, Merck Sharp & Dohme‚ s.r.o.

Oil & Gas & Chemicals:  Basell Polyolefine GmbH, Basell Slovakia s.r.o., BASF Coatings Services s.r.o., BASF Slovensko spol. s r.o., MC - Bauchemie‚ spol. s r.o., Washington Penn Plastics Co.‚ EU‚ s.r.o.

Production & Manufacturing:  BORG AUTOMOTIVE Slovakia s.r.o., Delta Electronics (Slovakia)‚ s.r.o., FIBERSTRUCT s.r.o., Franke Slovakia s.r.o, Plastiflex Group, PROTHERM PRODUCTION s.r.o, Ruukki Slovakia‚ s.r.o.

Professional Services:   DELOITTE TAX k.s., Deutsche Telekom Shared Services s. r. o., Dynargie Slovakia s.r.o., EDAS a.s., Kärcher Slovakia‚ s.r.o.

Transport, Logistics & Distribution:  Business Lease Slovakia s.r.o., C.S. CARGO Slovakia a.s., Dexion Storage Solutions S.R.L, DHL Exel Slovakia s.r.o., DHL Exel‚ s.r.o., DHL Logistics (Slovakia)‚ spol. s r.o